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About Andrea Nicholas

As a seasoned corporate leader with over 25 years of experience, including C-suite and Board roles, I am passionate about elevating executive leadership capabilities and capacities. During my career, I've had the pleasure to launch an award-winning SaaS product, spearhead M&A integrations that resulted in an impressive 300% growth in just four years, scale a startup that achieved a successful exit, develop winning growth strategies for numerous Fortune 1000 companies, and build and lead numerous teams and change initiatives. Through these experiences emerged a deep understanding of the intricacies of the highest levels of enterprises and a profound appreciation for the unique demands of executive leadership.  

With this awareness and an unwavering determination to assist fellow leaders in reaching their career objectives, I chose to become an Executive Coachsultant™. Since then, I’ve had the honor to coach dozens of executives in achieving their professional goals. One of the reasons clients work with me is my approach is a bit different from the typical executive coach program. While personalized 1:1 coaching is the cornerstone, I place a premium on broadening my clients’ expertise and network through offering intimate, invitation-only peer advisory groups, connections with a curated network of seasoned executives and thought leaders, 360-degree and DISC assessments, and peer-reviewed resources and materials. Tapping into this collective wisdom catapults development, ensuring clients accomplish their professional goals and thrive once there. Another difference is clients are in full control of their evolution. Unlike many coaching programs that obligate clients to a pre-determined timeframe, I offer a monthly self-select structure: clients decide to work with me for as long as they are deriving value.

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