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Disruption vs. Nondisruptive Creation

Disruption always follows innovation, or does it?

As many of us have witnessed over the past several years, corporate growth has often occurred at the expense of current markets, companies, and jobs.

But is this the only way to advance? Must growth always precede such destruction?

According to W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne, authors of a recent HBR article, the answer is no. They insist that other paths to growth can positively impact economics and society.

The authors categorize the three levels of growth as - micro (individual companies), meso (verticals), and macro (economy), then contrast the outcomes to the traditional disruption tack - see illustration.

For executives charged with leading growth endeavors, I'm interested in your thoughts. Are nondisruptive paths to growth an option you're exploring? Are opportunities easy to identify?

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