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Do you have a trusted professional advisor?

Back when I was a management consulting firm CEO, there were a few times when I felt alone in carrying the weight of the company. During the financial crisis of ’08 and ’09 when business was contracting and concerns of being able to keep personnel on billable client projects was in question, I found myself needing a sounding board - someone whose judgment I trusted - to help me sift through the litany of complex decisions while staying committed to my overarching business goals.

Fortunately, Providence and luck delivered someone and his value was immediate and sustaining. Hiring him was one of the best decisions I made in the history of that business and a compelling reason behind choosing to coach and mentor executives in this chapter of my career.

Every C-suite leader, and particularly the CEO, experiences times when carrying the weight of a large team or company is exhausting. Bearing these immense responsibilities alone can, over time, lead to decision fatigue and burnout: conditions where one is more apt to make mistakes. More often than not, the circumstances under which the burden developed in the first place highlight the critical juncture of the business. In other words, an inopportune moment for mistakes.

The notion that executive leadership is inherently isolating is not entirely true. There are options and a better path.

Having a trusted advisor to bounce ideas off, help you work through blind spots, strategize options, listen (without an agenda) to your worries and frustrations, and challenge you is a wise investment in yourself and your business. The relationship can “unstick” you, allow you to broaden your vision, strengthen your self-confidence, and even reduce your mistakes.

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