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From Law to Lyrics: Danielle Ponder's Journey

Last night I met this phenomenal singer and musician. Her voice will leave you breathless, her story inspired.

Back when Danielle Ponder was a public defender she taught herself songs on her guitar at home at night. Some of those songs were by one of her favorite bands, the Black Pumas. She always dreamed of singing and playing music professionally but had chosen the "safe", conventional route of practicing law.

At the age of 40, Danielle made the bold decision to follow her dreams. 

And last night, just two short years since that fateful decision, she opened to a sold-out show at ACL, warming up for the Black Pumas. How's that for determination, talent and serendipity? Her performance was electric.

Meeting her afterward, we chatted about her courageous career step and the joy she now feels each day doing the work she loves. People pursuing the work that fulfills them are easy to spot - there is a peaceful enthusiasm about them. Danielle has that. 

I told her how I help clients realize their full potential and get the career they want. She encouraged me, "That's so important!"

It's not too late to have the career you want. If you're interested in exploring ways to get there, let's talk. And meanwhile, follow Danielle on the socials and see her show when she stops in your town - you'll be glad you did!

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