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Guiding clients as they move to the C-suite

Guiding clients as they move to the C-suite or from a current Chief position to a broader role results in a lot of discussion about new beginnings and starting them strong. If you are considering a job change or nearing one, here are some tips for being successful early on when you are establishing your reputation in the new environment and/or role. 1. DON'T neglect your peers. It’s easy to fall into the trap of spending most of your time with your boss and direct reports initially. DO commit to carving out time with your peers to learn more about what they do and build rapport. Supportive alliances are key to being successful. 2. DON'T have all the answers. Do you like a know-it-all? Right, no one does. It’s a turn-off when a new person pops off with solutions or problem statements with scant knowledge of the environment. It’s a ding to credibility, too. DO commit to learning, listening, and seeking to understand. After all, listening is one of the most powerful tools a leader possesses. 3. DON'T overcommit. Resist the compulsion to spend scarce political capital early on, trying too hard to prove your impact and spinning up potentially misguided initiatives. DO focus on learning what’s important and devote your energies to making progress there. 4. DON'T focus only on learning the nuts and bolts. Understanding the cultural and political dimensions of an environment is just as vital to success as comprehending the technical aspects of the business and role. DO build trust, conduits of information, and relationships that will strengthen your reputation and enlighten you as to what’s really going on. If you are seeking to make a change, or soon will, and you’re interested in learning more about how to start strong, let’s connect. hashtag#leadershipdevelopment hashtag#newbeginnings hashtag#newjob hashtag#csuiteleaders

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