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If you are an ambitious, mid-career corporate professional eager to reach the C-suite, your focus may be on your next achievement, promotion, or big project. 

Those are important. They aren’t everything, though. 

Possessing an internal compass to guide where you are going next and why is also important. To achieve that, you’ll need to invest in some strategic introspection and thoughtful recalibration. Mid-career is a perfect time to do that.

Here are three suggestions for directing your self-reflection and how it makes a difference.

1. IDENTIFY YOUR DESTINATION: Have you thought about the title you want in 10+ years? Which skills and experiences will you need to get there? What will your sphere of influence, level of impact, and challenges look like? Without this foresight, pursuing options offering low upside, missing out on developing crucial competencies necessary to achieve your goals, and getting burned out can occur – all of which jeopardize your objectives. Instead, having a defined yet flexible map allows you to easily recognize opportunities that contribute to your destination from those that don’t, reducing mistakes and wisely channeling your energy.

2. CAPITALIZE ON YOUR UVP: By now, you've acquired a rich network, honed specific skills, and garnered experiences that set you apart – these make up your unique value proposition. Understanding and building upon your UVP sets you apart. Conversely, neglecting to develop your UVP can make you blend into the background, overshadowed by those who've effectively branded themselves around their unique assets. 

3. ALIGN YOUR VALUES AND PURPOSE: Authentic leaders are driven by a clear sense of who they are and why they do what they do. Mid-career is the perfect time to dig deep and align your personal mission with your professional trajectory. Failing to do so can result in a leadership style that is indecisive, inauthentic or uninspired, hindering your ability to influence others, motivate teams, and drive change: core senior leadership qualities. Instead, possessing a solid inner understanding enables you to galvanize people around your vision and lead in ways congruent with the person you are. 

If your career is stuck, give self-reflection a try. If you are looking for a guide to reach your professional goals, please reach out.

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