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I love business and business people!

I love business and business people! I love learning about various industries, reading bios about business leaders, and, if you've ever ridden in the car with me for more than 5 minutes, listening to financial news. CNBC and Bloomberg are my jam!

Recently I was evaluating various asset classes - doing a mental force ranking of asset classes - and it occurred to me that "you" is also an asset. And "you" historically pays off better than just about any investment available (well, unless you bought Amzn at its IPO of $18/share).

And yet, Cramer has never highlighted "you" on his Lightning Round segment, and, to the best of my knowledge, Tom Keene is mum on the topic.

What do I mean?

Just think about the times you invested in yourself by taking a fitness class or earning a professional certification or an academic degree. Did you think, "Wow, that was a complete waste of time and money?" Probably not.

There is always a version of you after the experience that is transformed for the better - you're stronger, you acquired a new skill, you expanded your network, you now view life from a broader point of view, etc. In short, you are a more valuable you: "you" is an appreciable asset.

When was the last time you invested in “you” professionally? Have you sought out a pro to encourage, educate, develop, and challenge you to reach your full career potential? What do you think the rewards would be if you did? How much would “you” be worth as a result?

While we don't have a travel machine to go back to 1997 and gobble up Amazon stock, investing in "you" pays off richly for years to come. And, unlike tradable securities, the best thing about this appreciable asset is that you are in full control.

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