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Mastering the Mental Game: How Executive Clients Are Boosting Performance Beyond the Gym

I work with several executive clients who routinely train for various fitness events. They love the competition (even if the competition is their own time or result), the routine of a training schedule, the start-work-result continuum, and the opportunity to blow off steam in the gym, on the course, at the rink, etc.

Recently one of my clients asked for help with re-building his mental strength. He believed his mental game was not as strong as it was before the pandemic and he wanted to get it back before his work performance began to visibly suffer.

Our first step was to clarify what "mentally strong" entails. After a round of exercises and a coaching session, his list of characteristics aligned pretty well with this graphic.

(As an aside... Isn't it fascinating how most of us know the answer, if we just focus on the right question for a while?)

Anyway, after identifying a few characteristics that required more attention, he soon noticed his work performance angst diminished because he was back to operating mentally at his pre-pandemic level.

Better yet, just like toned muscles, better health and more stamina are valuable fitness outcomes, he enjoyed the results of his regained mental strength. His stress level reduced, and his motivation and adaptability increased to pre-pandemic levels.

To stay on point, he decided to store a copy of the image below on his laptop. He now reviews it periodically, just like his mile time after a run.


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