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Navigating Self-Doubt on the Path to Success

During a recent CEO coaching session, my client expressed feeling the familiar "imposter syndrome" lately. As is often the case, the trigger was a new business challenge, but it served as a good reminder that everyone deals with self-doubt, regardless of title or level of expertise, and learning to overcome it is key to success. A few things to consider when self-doubt creeps in:

What's been going on recently? Imposter Syndrome often shows up when we are anxious or fearful about change. Is there something new or different happening, either professionally or personally?

Our imaginations can make things appear impossible and really amp up our stress. Re-framing the situation, subtracting negative emotions and worry, and shifting our attention to the facts of the situation and the aspects of it that are within our control can reduce the anxiety we feel about it.

Reminding ourselves of our power is huge. Recalling a few of our past achievements reminds us of how capable and resourceful we are. The joy we feel about those accomplishments also stops the activation of cortisol (stress hormone) and activates dopamine, candy for the brain’s executive function, so we are more relaxed and think more clearly.

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