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Strategic Career Advancement: 5 Key Actions for C-Suite Leaders

Nailing Career Advancement for C-Suite and Aspiring C-Suite Leaders – 5 Key Actions

Sadly, layoffs have been filling corporate news headlines. Accenture, Ford, Amazon, Paypal, Meta, Microsoft, and on and on. Analysts speculate more may be coming. 

At times like these, what is a winning strategy? 

As a leader, playing both career offense and defense is best.

One of my clients was recently laid off from his executive role, where he had enjoyed a long, successful career and been a key figure in the leadership team responsible for propelling the growth and profitability of the company. 

It was a serious blow, and he was left disoriented and rudderless, in part because he never saw it coming.

“We were doing great things. The firm wasn’t perfect, we had some areas that needed attention, but I liked the overall trajectory we were on. I harbored no intention to leave.”

During one of our first meetings, I asked what he had done to invest in himself the past several years. Blank stare, a long pause: “I was too busy working, doing, leading to think about that.”

Unfortunately, I hear that almost every day. My advice: don’t do it. Yes, you must do your job and do it well, but don't lose sight of what is best for YOU.

Instead, balance your corporate dedication with investing in yourself. By putting these 5 things into action, you will both excel and remain resilient in good times and bad: 

1.      Keep learning like there’s no tomorrow – exec ed, certifications, online courses, etc. Don’t know something central to your current or future job? Devote the time, energy, and money to finding out. 

2.      Build solid network connections – revitalize your current network and set a goal for new connections per month. Track your activity to instill discipline and hold yourself accountable. Shoot for 10 net new connections per month - the results will surprise you! 

3.      Step up your leadership game – consume emerging topics, expand your vision, and strengthen your competencies. Follow thought leaders in and outside your industry on social media, attend webinars, subscribe to thought-provoking podcasts, and read, read, read. 

4.      Keep that growth mindset alive – think opportunity, not adversity. Successful people in athletics, business, the arts, etc. own their mental game. You can, too. 

5.      Seek expert guidance – work with a trusted advisor to guide and support you. Whether it’s a former colleague, a friend, or an experienced executive coach like me, gather valuable insights from people you trust and respect. Mentoring can make a huge difference.

Together, these 5 actions form a smart, strategic blend of offense and defense moves that set you up to reach new career heights and build a robust defense against life’s uncertainties. 

I’ve helped over 100 executives think bigger and lead differently to achieve their career goals. If you think I can help you, please reach out.

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