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Strategic Leadership: Think Big, Lead Differently

When you think about some of the world’s most esteemed leaders, one of the traits they share is a strategic mindset, which often shows up as skillfully articulating their broad vision and inspiring others to embrace it.

How do they do this? And, more importantly, how can you refine your strategic mindset to have a greater influence? To think bigger and lead differently?

Here are a few tips:

Articulate Broadly: Paint a big picture and share the overarching narrative with those you are influencing. Then establish the context for exploring tactical details to align stakeholders and get everyone on the same page. 

Inspire a progressive perspective: Align stakeholders by communicating a forward-looking stance and encourage others to contribute to long-term strategy development. Their leadership skills will be enhanced and you will build a coalition of visionaries.

Anticipate outcomes and consequences Strategic leaders don't just make decisions; they assess and communicate the broader effects they may have. Be thorough in evaluating potential obstacles, impacts and results before taking action. Model this so others will do the same. 

Focus on Interconnectedness: Most strategic paths are filled with connection points. Be attentive to the factors that directly influence strategies, uncover the unexpected, engage influencers, and stay true to an integrative and holistic thought process. 

Keep it Simple: Breaking down complex situations into simple yet powerful terms to encourage comprehension and engagement whenever possible is harder than it appears, but worth the effort! 

Embracing a strategic mindset and leading others to do the same will inspire stakeholders and your organization to reach new heights.

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