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Where do you stand on the topic of “doing the seemingly impossible”?

Announcing her resignation last week, Susan Wojcicki, YouTube CEO, recalled Larry Page’s quote: “Find a healthy disregard for the impossible.”

As we study leaders and what separates the good from the great, could this be the X Factor, THE differentiator? Is that special spark of possibility – fueled by courage and steadfastness to inspire, envision and test the limits other meeker souls are easily mastered by – be it?

Given an intimidating conquest, have you ever witnessed a leader who was driven to overcome it not because of vanity or ego, but because it simply couldn’t be ignored? Consider yourself lucky if you have. Pat yourself on the back if that is you!

As Wojcicki’s many accomplishments underscore and Mr. Page famously once said, “I’ve found that it’s easier to make progress on mega-ambitious goals than on less risky projects", being great often means meeting the biggest challenges.

What mega-ambitious goal are you compelled to meet?

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