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Think Bigger,
     Lead Differently.

Results-driven C-Suite Coachsulting     to reach your professional goals, enrich your life, and make a greater impact.


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As a seasoned corporate leader with more than 25 years of experience, my passion lies in executive leadership development. My extensive understanding of enterprise complexities and executive leadership requirements, coupled with certifications in Brain-Based and Stakeholder Centered Coaching, have led me to create an innovative brand of executive coach, a Coachsultant™. This unique approach combines the best of traditional coaching and consulting services to elevate both current and aspiring C-suite leaders to the next level.

As a Coachsultant™, I guide high achievers to think bigger and lead differently, and results soon follow. Clients achieve their professional aspirations, broaden opportunities, and positively influence more people and outcomes.

If you are interested in taking your career to new heights, let's talk.

''Andrea coaches by asking questions and letting the client guide the conversation, rather than coming in with her preconceived ideas and recommendations.''

Joanna Burkey, CISO, Hewlett Packard 

The Executive Development Program

Success requires having faith in the path you choose. We work with you to clarify that path, concentrate your efforts, and pave the way to achieving new professional heights.

1:1 Coaching

Peer Advisory

Curated Network


Define and achieve your professional goals through customized executive coaching designed to inspire, challenge, and encourage.

Harness the power of collective wisdom via invitation-only, confidential peer advisory groups of like-minded professionals.

Expand your network, expertise, and scope of possibility through experts and seasoned pros who advise, support, and educate.

Enhance your leadership capabilities through assessments, subscription-only resources and research on emerging business topics.

Who We Serve

Andrea Nicholas Coachsulting provides a unique, results-driven executive coaching program for CEOs and aspiring C-suite leaders helping them achieve their professional goals, enrich their lives, and make a greater impact. We catupult the careers of executives in diverse roles, industries, and business sizes.

Professional Velocity

Our program is designed to catapult your development and enable you to quickly seize your career goals. You enjoy the benefits of research on emerging, relevant business topics, analytics and feedback about your style, proven techniques for unleashing the power of neuroscience, and winning tactics for fortifying lasting, mutually-rewarding stakeholder relationships. Complementing our other services with access to these resources assures your success.

DISC Assessment Executive Coach
Brain Based Executive Coaching
360-degree assessment executive coach
Stakeholder Centered Coaching

Take the step to realizing a bigger career future. 

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Andrea Nicholas Coachsultant

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